RENEWING THE PROMISE: Exploring the Critical Role of Catholic Education in Contemporary Society

We want to hear from you about Catholic education in Ontario! “Renewing the Promise” is a dialogue.

Your input about Catholic education in Ontario – the way it fulfills its mandate as well as the challenges and opportunities of the present moment – will help to guide us for the future.

You can offer your ideas and input on-line through Thought Exchange. Log in to: to participate.

Thoughtexchange will provide background information and three open-ended questions that you answer anonymously. When the survey closes, responses will be sorted into themes. You will then be invited to look at emerging themes and prioritize them, locally and provincially.

Your ideas will provide important input for a gathering of the Catholic community later in the year on the theme of Renewing the Promise.

When the process is completed, results and analysis will be available on a designated public website. Catholic Education Week 2018 will be the occasion to celebrate all that we learned.

Join the dialogue!

Progress Reports

Progress reports will be distributed to students on Friday March 3. The Progress Report places a very strong emphasis on the development of student LEARNING SKILLS and WORK HABITS. Student achievement of six Learning Skills and Work Habits are shown on the front page of the Progress Report. These are:

(1) Responsibility
(2) Organization
(3) Independent Work
(4) Collaboration
(5) Initiative
(6) Self-Regulation

The development of these skills and habits will be reported as “excellent”, “good”, “satisfactory” or “needs improvement” and a space is provided for teacher comments about student progress or need for improvement.

Ministry of Education policy places an emphasis on teachers using the Progress Report as a stepping stone to conduct rich discussions and proactive interviews or conferences with parents and/or students at this time. This is an opportunity to help establish or further strengthen a positive tone for the remainder of the year.

Civvies Day – Online Payment

Students are invited to have an extra Civvies day this Friday (March 3). Payment for this Civvies day must be made through School Cash Online. Cash will not be accepted. Students are expected to be in uniform if they have not paid online.

The cost for this Civvies day is $2.00

Sign up for School Cash Online here:

School Cash Online provides parents with easy access and convenience at any time to make online payments for a variety of student activities, while maintaining an electronic receipt history for items purchased and providing greater flexibility and control on how payments are made to the school. This new online payment method will also help reduce the risk of theft and cash misplacement.

Bussing and Transportation Changes

Bus Changes to start on Thursday February 9th.

  1. Students who were assigned to Route 204 have now been assigned to Route 200 – there are no changes to the times just the Route number – there will be no Route 204 in the morning only.
  2. Two stops have moved from Route 200 to Route 235 – On Ford Dr & Dunedin Rd (NW Corner) and On Kingsway Dr & Prince John Cir (NE Corner)
  3. Two other stops have moved from Route 200 to Route 372 – On Chartwell Rd & Maple Ave (NW Corner) and On Constance Dr & Maple Ave (NE Corner) relocated to On Maple Ave & Constance Dr (SE Corner)
Students and Parents will be able to access these changes on the Halton Student Transportation Services website Monday evening.

After School Literacy Program

Worried about the upcoming Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT)?

The After School Literacy Program ​ is just the thing for you! The course will be running every TUESDAY and THURSDAY from February 16, 2017 to March 28, 2017, with an additional class on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 (the day before the literacy test). Please see ​course calendars​ for specific session dates.

Topics for study will include how-to lessons on the following:
❖ effective reading strategies
❖ newspaper writing
❖ series of opinion paragraphs
❖ strategies for answering multiple choice questions
❖ reading and interpreting graphic, informational and narrative texts.

BUT … there is more! You will also receive a delicious snack to help you fuel through the course!

Permission forms can be found in the main office​, or by clicking here​. Please return the bottom portion of the permission form, regardless of whether your son/daughter plans on attending, to the main office marked “Attention: Mrs. M. Thomas​” by Tuesday, February 7, 2017​.


Exam Care Packages

Tired of nagging your son/daughter to get studying? Want to let him/her know you are thinking of them during this stressful time?

Perhaps this exam care package will get the message across!

These are available for purchase online through St. Thomas Aquinas CSS. Please indicate his/her first period classroom.

These will be delivered the week of Jan. 16-20, 2017.

These will only be available for purchase from January 11-18, 2017!

Support your son/daughter by purchasing an exam care package!

Thank you for helping us support your students as they prepare for exams.

The Exam Care Package, put together by STA’s Raiders for Life.

-a pencil (eraser tip is PVC and latex free)
-a pen
-an eraser (PVC and Latex free)
-a highlighter
-a package of hot chocolate
-a lollipop (gluten-free, nut-free)
-an exam survival guide