Scholarship Information 2018/19

Please listen to announcements for any scholarship related information. Once information comes into the student services office this page will be updated.

The  2019 Horatio Alger Canadian Scholarship
The Horatio Alger Canadian Scholarship program is offering up to $10,000 for post-secondary studies. Applications are due by October 25 2018. For more information about eligibility and application dates please visit:  

The Loran Award
The Loran Scholar Program provides graduating students who demonstrate exemplary character, service and leadership with the opportunity to apply for scholarships valued up to $100,000 over four years of university.  It also offers a mentor and internship program. Students applying for this prestigious scholarship must have a cumulative average of over 85% for the past 3 years. See the website: for more information.

High schools are allowed to sponsor up to 3 individuals each year for this award. If you’d like to be considered for a sponsored application, please complete the nomination application and return it to Student Services no later than Wednesday, October 3rd 2018. The nomination application can be found here.

Please note that students do not have to be sponsored to apply for this award. Students who are not being sponsored by the school can apply to the direct pool by October the 24th.

University of Toronto National Scholarship
Students interested in applying for the University of Toronto National Scholarship Program are asked to visit to learn more about eligibility and steps to applying. The deadline to apply is November 1st 2018. A School nomination is not required for this award.

Queens University Chancellor Scholarship
Students interested in applying for the Queens Chancellor Scholarship and plan on attending Queens are asked to please submit the completed application (link) to Student Services by Friday Nov 2nd. This Scholarship does require a school nomination. For more information about the scholarship please visit

University of Kings College in Halifax
Information regarding scholarships for Kings can be found at Major Entrance Scholarships application deadline is January 15th 2019.

Schulich leader Scholarships
Information regarding the 2018/2019 Schulich Leader Scholarships are now in Student Services. You can also access information on the Schulich Website . Please read the eligibility criteria carefully for this award. This scholarship does require a nomination from the school. Please submit your completed nomination application to student services by Friday December 7th.