Sneaker Drive

For students at Saint Thomas Aquinas, getting an education and enrolling in sports is accessible for everyone. Students go on to pursue higher education, scholarships, and careers. Skills learned at school, or at practice, improve students’ ability to work as a team, help them build character, give them better self-esteem, and teach them how to be leaders. These are all skills that an individual will use for the rest of their lives. For children in Ghana, these opportunities are minimal and sometimes inaccessible. Limited education, lack of funding, and the lack of resources are a reality for the children of Ghana.

From November 5th – 27th 2018, St. Thomas Aquinas in Oakville will be working with Rozaay Management to collect sneakers and children’s books that will be brought to children in different cities in need around Ghana. Donations will be collected in first period classes, and the class with the most donations will win a class breakfast. The sneakers and books collected will give children in Ghana the opportunity to expand their education and participate in basketball workshops, where they will learn valuable skills in basketball.

Some specific places that have been impacted by donations in past years included :

  • Heart Smiles Orphanage – Kumasi, Ghana
  • Opoku Ware Secondary All Boys School – Kumasi, Ghana
  • Royal Seed Orphanage – Accra, Ghana
  • New Life Children’s Home – Teshie, Ghana
  • El Wak Stadium (Royalty’s Basketball Academy) – Accra, Ghana
  • ICGC Church Basketball Camp – Accra, Ghana

The St. Thomas Aquinas community is very fortunate with all of the opportunities we have available to us, and it is a part of our Catholic responsibility to give back to other communities.

Read more about Rozaay Management’s charity below:

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