Student Services

Welcome to STA’s Student Services!

Our counsellors are here to help students make informed decisions about their future and assist in their educational & career planning. We collaborate with parents, teachers, administration, social workers & other support staff to advocate and address the academic, social and emotional well-being for all students.

Student Services Team:
Department Head
Ms. A. Carambia

Office Administrator
Mrs. D. Hayward ext. 3001

Last names A – Ha
Ms. M. Kiss ext. 3006

Last names Hb – Pr
Mr. J. Ieraci ext. 3008

Last names Ps – Z
Mr. M. Giammichele ext. 3007

Student Success Counsellor
Mr. B. Hickey ext. 3005

IB Counsellor
Mrs. Leggat ext. 3239