August 2019

The role of the Vice-Principal in the school is to support staff and students in maintaining a safe and respectful environment which contributes to student success in a Catholic Learning Community.  One part of the role is to ensure that students are informed of and understand school procedures and policies, and are aware of consequences that may occur if they do not adhere to these policies. The other part of the role is to build positive relationships and communication.  It is impossible to print every rule, regulation, and/or school policy, but the following can act as a guideline:

  • It is better to come to the office when a problem arises rather than risk further escalation of the problem and/or consequences (problem solving/conflict resolution).
  • All students will accept the direction of all staff at all times – all adults in the building are considered staff including Custodians, Cafeteria Staff, Cafeteria Supervisors, Commissionaires, Librarians, Secretaries, Educational Assistants and all Teaching Staff.
  • Failure to follow any direction from staff is defiance and may result in suspensions (this includes failure to give your name or giving a wrong name when it is requested, not handing over items that are requested, including hats, cell phones, skate boards, etc.).  Failure to report to the office when sent will result in school consequences.
  • Uniform code is enforced.  No uniform = no class.  Students must be in uniform at all times during the day (including lunch); civvies day dress code will be enforced.  Detentions may be assigned for uniform infractions, followed by a suspension if the problem persists.  Please come to the office to discuss before class begins.
  • Students who leave at lunch hour and change out of uniform must immediately change into their uniform upon return to school.
  • The Office is not responsible for personal possessions (includes confiscated items) – please leave all valuable items at home.  If you insist on bringing them, please ensure they are either with you at all times or safely locked in your lockers – NEVER bring them to the change rooms or leave them unattended anywhere in the building.
  • Students are expected to comply with policy I-43 Use of Technology and digital Citizenship and the schools’ Codes of Conduct.
  • A student must sign in/out of school through the Attendance Office prior to leavingnot signing in/out is considered truant even if you have a note/parent call after the fact.
  • Students signing in to class late through the Attendance Office must report directly to class.
  • If a teacher is not in your classroom, remain in class: send one student to notify the office.
  • Students must be in the locker assigned to them.  Students are financially responsible for any damage done to their assigned lockers.  Lockers must be cleared out by the last day of exams.  (Lockers are the property of the school and can be opened by the Administration at any time.)  Students must use school locks as provided.
  • Detentions are one consequence assigned to students for failure to follow school rules.  Missed detentions may result in suspension.
  • While on suspension, it is the responsibility of the student to keep up with class work.
  • Any student smoking/vaping on school property will be suspended.
  • No backpacks are allowed in the Library or Cafeteria Servery.  They should be left in the lockers.
  • Students are not to be in the hallways (especially the 2nd floor and 3rd floor) until 10 minutes before the period ends.  Even then, they are not to loiter – go to your locker and then leave the hallway.

Notwithstanding the above, the Administration will take immediate and appropriate action in any situation involving the welfare of students and staff.

Mr. C. McDougall                

Mrs. C. Serafim                                    

Mrs. A. Montanari

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