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St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School is located at the intersection of Dorval Drive and Rebecca Street, just west of downtown Oakville.

Upon arrival, please go directly to our main office located on the first floor.

Mr. A. Perusin

Vice-Principal:                  Vice-Principal:                  Vice Principal/I.B. Coordinator:
Mr. C. McDougall                 Ms. C. Serafim                Ms. A. Montanari

Chaplaincy Leader
Ms. A. Rerecich

Toni Pinelli

Peter DeRosa, Oakville Trustee
Nancy Guzzo, Oakville Trustee
Helena Karabela, Oakville Trustee

Mailing address:
124 Dorval Drive
Oakville, Ontario
L6K 2W1

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Attendance Office Phone: 905-842-7122
Main Office Phone: 905-842-9494
Main Office Fax: 905-842-9499

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Guidance Department:

Name Department Email Address
Mr. A. Perusin Principal
Mr. C. McDougall Vice Principal
Ms. A. Montanari Vice Principal
Ms. C. Serafim Vice Principal
Ms. C. Agbonwaneten English and Arts
Mr. C. Alderson Physical Education
Ms. C. Almeida Science
Mr. E. Amoroso English and Moderns (Department Head)
Mr. L. Balogh Science
Ms. L. Barbosa Technology and Religion
Ms. I. Bayer Mathematics
Ms. D. Bonsu English
Ms. T. Boyce English and Physical Education
Ms. D. Boychuk Special Education
Mr. B. Boyle Physical Education and Canadian and World Studies
Ms. K. Bradica Mathematics & Religion, Social Sciences, Humanities
Ms. L. Camastro Canadian and World Studies (Department Head)
Mr. M. Carangal Science
Ms. C. Conforti English and Moderns
Ms. N. Cook Moderns
Mr. C. Coombes Canadian and World Studies
Mr. J. Cosentino Canadian and World Studies & English and Moderns
Mr. B. Culina Canadian and World Studies
Mr. R. DiDiodato Science (Department Head)
Mr. G. DiMarcello Religion, Social Sciences, Humanities
Ms. A. Emmerson Science
Ms. L. Ewart English
Ms. M. Ferguson Co-operative Education
Ms. L. Field Technology
Mr. A. Finelli Canadian and World Studies & Science
Ms. M. Francis Physical Education (Department Head)
Mr. B. Fraser Science
Mr. B. Genovese Mathematics
Mr. M. Giammichele Guidance and Career Education
Ms. E. Gilmore Mathematics
Mr. B. Hickey Physical Education
Ms. W. Hurley Business
Mr. J. Ieraci Religion, Social Sciences, Humanities (Department Head)
Mr. T. Jackson Special Education
Ms. A. Jasionowska Arts
Ms. L. Jasmin Science
Ms. A. Juzenas Business and Mathematics
Ms. J. Kam Science
Ms. M. Kiss Student Success and Guidance and Career Education
Ms. E. Klimitz Dramatic Arts
Ms. J. Maciel English and Moderns
Mr. S. Mackenzie Canadian and World Studies and Technology
Ms. A. Mackie Special Education
Ms. C. Mackintosh English & Religion, Social Sciences, Humanities
Ms. L. Mancinelli Mathematics
Mr. D. Manzin Technology
Mr. T. Mc Conville Guidance and Career Education (Department Head)
Ms. E. Medeiros English
Ms. M. Merrick Science and Physical Education
Mr. P. Michtics Religion, Social Sciences, Humanities
Mr. M. Mijic Mathematics
Ms. C. Miller Mathematics
Mr. P. Moore Science
Mr. C. Morgante Technology
Ms. J. Mulligan Special Education (Department Head)
Ms. C. Palazzese Science
Mr. J. Polizzi Physical Education
Ms. M. Power English
Mr. P. Quinlan Science
Mr. M. Ralphs Mathematics (Department Head)
Mr. S. Ribbons Technology
Mr. J. Rivas-Gonzalez English
Ms. S. Rolland Business (Department Head)
Ms. M. Salvo Business
Ms. L. Smith Religion, Social Sciences, Humanities
Ms. R. Smith Canadian and World Studies & Religion, Social Sciences, Humanities
Ms. M. Styka Canadian and World Studies & Religion, Social Sciences, Humanities
Mr. A. Taraschi Religion, Social Sciences, Humanities & Music
Ms. M. Theoret Mathematics
Mr. P. Thomson Special Education
Ms. M. Thorpe English
Ms. S. Treacy Special Education
Ms. L. Urso Moderns
Ms. M. Verhoeven Arts & Religion, Social Sciences, Humanities
Ms. M. Vitella-Bodnar Religion, Social Sciences, Humanities
Ms. V. Vucina Moderns
Ms. M. Webber Guidance and Career Education
Mr. J. Yantho Technology
Ms. C. Young Moderns

Office Staff
Ms. Zizzi, Financial Clerk
Ms. Moore, Principal Secretary
Ms. Subic, I.B. Secretary
Ms. Hayward, Guidance Secretary
Ms. Wilson, Attendance Secretary
Ms. Kiriluk, Receptionist

Ms. Dennis, Librarian
Ms. Michie, Library Assistant

Mr. Assiamah, Social Worker

Educational Assistants
Ms. Durand
Ms. Ellen Golba
Ms. Crowe
Ms. Kurtz
Ms. Le Claire
Mr. Romano
Ms. Mougenot
Ms. Perri
Ms. Zeni

Ms. Garcia, Custodian

Mr. B. Coxon