English and Moderns

All students at St. Thomas Aquinas are required to take English during their four years of secondary school. Our program offers three levels of course instruction consisting of academic/university, applied/college and locally developed/essential:

  • The academic/university level courses are intended for students pursuing university after graduation (ENG 4U is a mandatory prerequisite for university applicants).
  • The applied/college level courses are intended for students interested in attending college, pursuing apprenticeship programs or entering the workplace after graduation from high school.
  • The locally developed/essential courses are available for students working below grade level in English and intending to pursue employment following completion of high school.

In addition to the core program, the English department also offers Media English and Writer’s Craft, two senior elective courses which can be taken in addition to regular English courses.

French Help –> Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM in room 215 open to all, drop-ins welcome. (CAS hours available for peer tutors- French/Spanish)

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