Special Education

The Special Education Department recognizes that education must address the unique strengths and needs of all students. It is, therefore, understood that all students have the right to quality education and to develop to their fullest potential. Our Special Education Programs are totally integrated into all aspects of the school environment. The resource teachers work collaboratively with staff member in a variety of ways:

  • Assisting with program modifications and accommodations;
  • Providing in-class support;
  • Developing individual educational plans;
  • Supporting the inclusion of exceptional pupils within the classroom.

It is the role of the Special Education support services to empower and encourage the school’s community to meet the individual needs of all students.

Youth Counsellor

As part of the Special Education Department, we have the service of a Youth Counsellor. This support staff member at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School encourages the healthy development of our students confidential individual counselling or group work. Our goal is to provide assistance with social and emotional issues through the support and guidance that we offer. We believe this will foster the student’s personal development to ensure academic success.

For more information contact our Special Education office or come in for a visit.


Google Classroom

This year we will be using Google Classroom in GLE, to help develop students’ organizational and inquiry skills. Parents/guardians are asked to discuss Google Classroom with their child and log in on a regular basis, in order to check due dates and assignments. Each student has their own login and email address, which was setup by the school board. Each student has created his/her own personal password.

User name: firstname.lastname.last three digits of OEN@my.aquinas.me
Password: (Each student created their own.)
Learning Activities, assignments and rubrics will be posted on our Google Classroom site and students will submit their assignments online. Evaluations will come home via Google Drive, so parents/guardians can find out how their child is progressing on an ongoing basis.

You can access our site via this link:

(You will need to login using your child’s username and password.)

Further information and a demonstration of this learning tool will be presented at Curriculum Night.



Awesome support for Exam and Test preparation offered through Learning Disabilities of Halton Chapter! Follow the link below for more details…



Accessibility for Students with Disabilities

OUAC: Guidance site

Click here for details.