I.B Exams May 2019

Attention IB Students

Attached is your IB exam schedule.

Please take note of the following:

You must check in at Gym “B” 30 minutes PRIOR to the start time listed on the schedule.  (If you arrive late for the examination, you may NOT be allowed to sit the examination).

2.  Check IN is at Gym “B” located in the tech hallway.

3.  You are to bring with you black/blue pens, pencils, eraser in a CLEAR zip-lock bag.

4.  DO NOT BRING any correcting fluid (white out) or gel pens.

5.  Do NOT bring with you any of the following:

  – Wearable technology (this includes, but is not limited to, smart watches, smart glasses, and wireless headphones.)

  –  Electronic equipment

  –  Books or guides

  –  Rough/scratch paper or notes

  –  Refreshments

6.  You may bring with you water in a CLEAR/TRANSPARENT bottle (no labels).

7.  You may bring in a lucky charm BUT it must be approved by the IB office first.  Please see either Mr. Perusin or Mrs. Subic for approval.

8.  When you enter the gym please do not communicate with the other candidates.  You must enter the gym quietly.

9.  DO NOT discuss the content of the examination outside of your immediate cohort for 24 hours after the exam.

10.  You will NOT be permitted to leave the examination within the first 60 minutes, or the last 15 minutes.

11.  You must wear your STA Uniform for the exams.