Inside Ride – ‘Party with a Purpose’

The Inside Ride’s, ‘Party with a Purpose‘, presented by the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation is back at STA on Tuesday December 17 for our 12th event!!!

If you are interested in creating a team or being a member of a team here is all the information you need to know!

When is the Inside Ride: Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Registration & Fundraising:

  1. Create a Team of 6 (No more, no less) 
  2. Register Online at: 
    1. Start your own team OR Find an existing team to join 
  3. Fill out the STA Inside Ride google form at: 
  4. Team Captain will pick up your team Package starting at lunch on Monday Nov. 25th in the Atrium and distribute forms to teammates
  1. Each team member MUST fill out both permission forms (Inside Ride and HCDSB) and raise a minimum of $50 each.
  2. Start fundraising 
  1. Cash and/or cheque using your pledge forms
  2. Team packages MUST be completed and returned to the Atrium by Wednesday, Dec. 11th. 

Please note that the STA Inside Ride google form and online registration by your Team Captain and teammates MUST be completed before the TEAM Package can be picked In the Atrium. 

Package pick up will start at lunch on Monday, Nov. 25th in the Atrium. 

Looking forward to another awesome Inside Ride Raiders! 

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