Progress Reports

Progress reports were distributed to students on Tuesday March 19. The Progress Report places a very strong emphasis on the development of student LEARNING SKILLS and WORK HABITS. Student achievement of six Learning Skills and Work Habits are shown on the front page of the Progress Report. These are:

(1) Responsibility
(2) Organization
(3) Independent Work
(4) Collaboration
(5) Initiative
(6) Self-Regulation

The development of these skills and habits will be reported as “excellent”, “good”, “satisfactory” or “needs improvement” and a space is provided for teacher comments about student progress or need for improvement.

Ministry of Education policy places an emphasis on teachers using the Progress Report as a stepping stone to conduct rich discussions and proactive interviews or conferences with parents and/or students at this time. This is an opportunity to help establish or further strengthen a positive tone for the remainder of the year.

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