Students must complete 40 hours of volunteer work as one of the Ministry of Education’s requirements for their high school diploma. The aim is to encourage students to become actively involved in making positive contributions to their community. It is designed to promote good citizenship and help make students aware of the role they can play in their community. Volunteer requirements are the student’s responsibility to complete. Once an activity or group of hours is complete, students must hand in a completed Community Service Form located in Student Services. This form is to be signed and verified by the acting supervisor of the activity. Hand in completed forms to Ms. Hayward or your counsellor.

Get started as early as possible

  • Students will be able to start accumulating community involvement hours in the summer before they enter grade 9 and must be completed before graduation
  • There are many opportunities to volunteer both inside and outside the school community. To get started you can visit the guidance office for information or for more volunteer opportunities in your area go to http://volunteerhalton.ca

Choose an eligible activity

The ministry has developed guidelines about what kinds of activities are eligible. To list a few:

  • Supports a non-profit organization
  • Structured programs to promote tutoring, mentoring, coaching whose purpose is to assist others
  • Promotes environmental awareness
  • Promotes and contributes to the health and well-being of any group
  • Affiliated with a club, religious organization, arts or cultural association or political organization that seeks to make a positive contribution in the community
  • Benefits the community

Examples of eligible activities

  • Fundraising – walk-a-thons, wrapping, participating at events
  • Sports/Recreation: coaching, pool assistance, Special Olympics
  • Community – helping to run events, participating in food drives and support services for community groups, library programs
  • Religious Organizations – programming for children, child minding, helping with religious Sunday school, special events and clerical tasks
  • Seniors’ Programs – assisting in seniors’ residence or community programs
  • Youth Programs – Scouts, Girl guides, drop-in centres, breakfast programs, after-school programs, camps
  • Work with Animals – helping with animal shelters, horseback riding programs, local zoo or petting zoo
  • Activities for Individuals – tutoring, chronic hospital care visits, Best Bubbies programs, working with special needs individuals

Ineligible Activities

  • Displaces paid workers
  • Office work done in an office that is not a non-profit organization
  • Any activity where one can be normally paid
  • “Take Your Kids to Work” experience in grade 9
  • Co-operative education experiences
  • playing on a sports team


For a complete outline of Ministry Expectations with regards to community involvement and a list of ‘ineligible’ activities visit: http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/extra/eng/ppm/124a.html?textonly